Tomoka Brewing Company

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Ormond Beach Location Address: 188 E Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach FL 32176

Taproom? Yes, Open seven days a week  

Dog Friendly? Yes, Outside

Port Orange Location Address: 4647 S Clyde Morris Blvd, Port Orange, FL 32129

Taproom? Yes, Open seven days a week

Dog Friendly? Yes, Outside

Founded: Ormond - July 2013, Port Orange - December 2014

Batch Size: Ormond - 1bbl, Port Orange - 15bbl

Core Brands: Ormond - Experimental Sour and Saison Lab / Port Orange - Hop Quest IPA, Hazy Sunrise Wheat Ale, Mutha Fuggle EPA, Lunar Eclipse Stout, McCarthy's Irish Red

How did you decide on the name of your brewery? It's inspired by local history, the Timucuan Indians, and the tomoka River.

How did you get involved in craft beer and brewing? Brewer Pete Szunyogh and his wife, Brewster Jen Hawkins, began their career in brewing as homebrewers with professional culinary arts backgrounds. Pete, a trained pastry chef from Budapest, Hungary, and Jen, the former owner of a local pizza chain in Ocala, Florida, became quickly obsessed with brewing small-batch beer on their porch and immersed themselves in the culture and craft of brewing with the intention of opening a brewpub one day. They saw the concept of a brewpub as the perfect platform for intertwining and expressing their passions for good food and good beer, whether pairing a beer with a meal or actually using their thorough understanding of food ingredients to integrate them directly into the process of brewing beer. They consider themselves “foodies” with a passion for creating flavor combinations to give to people a truly unique, enjoyable experience.

Szunyogh and Hawkins opened their original brewpub in Ormond Beach to the public on July 5, 2013, proud to be the very first brewery in Volusia County!  They later teamed up with a fellow beer aficionado Rich McCarthy, and talks soon turned into ideas for expanding the success of Tomoka Brewery onto a larger scale. Tomoka Brewing Co in Port Orange was born, featuring a production brewhouse & expanded menu.

What are you most proud of about your product or facility? The eclectic, laid-back "beachy" look and feeling to our original location along with the easy-going staff, makes the place feel like home. We love that we have regulars and Ormond Beach peeps that just seem to get what its about. We're family here, and people feel that. We're proud that this place was the start of our dreams.  And naturally we're proud of the amazing all-natural beer-crust pizza!  In our Port Orange location we have high quality, yet creative beers and a fantastic food menu to match, and both can be enjoyed in a comfortable, family friendly establishment served by an attentive staff. We've got a great team that pushes hard to be the best.

Ormond Location


Port Orange Location